A Blogger Who Loves Bloggers: A Eric Story

A Blogger Who Loves Bloggers: A Eric Story!

Here are my favorite blogs that I enjoy and I know you gentlemen will enjoy yourselves!

Pinning Your Way to Style!

Pinning Your Way to Style!

This post will help all those that want to learn how to develop style by using Pinterest. Learn some tricks with Pinterest that only Urbnwood can teach you! Being inventively stylish is only a pin away!

The UrbnOUTLOOK Presents: Sam Whiteout

The UrbnOUTLOOK Blog Series Presents: Sam White Out.

This stylish interview was intelligent, informative and downright funny experience. Check out Sam’s thoughts and views on style and social justice in this quick interview.

UrbnOUTLOOK series: Tailor Made Style

Urbnwood Presents:
UrbnOUTLOOK! a new blog series about bloggers!
Our 1st Feature: Tailor Made Style (TMS)
Check out his impeccable style and inspirations!

Your Boyfriend’s Very Valentine’s Blog

Your Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Blog is this love season’s best gift! Give your man the gift of style from Urbnwood!

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The Season for Thrifting!

“I shop at thrift shops probably five times a week.” -Macklemore Now, I don’t thrift shop five times a week but I do thrift shop pretty often. I’m always being asked “Where did you get your clothes?” or I’m told that “You must be rich because you have a lot of clothes!” I’m not rich by…



Life has been taking sucker punches at me! That’s still no excuse for me not to dress well. Check out my latest post on how to rise above life and fly while doing so.