Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July! New Blog Post about staying fresh, cool and clean on Independence Day!

Good Ol’ Charleston: Memorial Day Weekend Style

Good Ol’ Charleston: Memorial Day Weekend Style! Learn how to dress for a spring wedding and walk the streets in style!

Something Slight for SS16

Today this post will be a little different and a lot shorter. Here’s a few pictures from my stylist street outfit on Sunday! I’m sure y’all are quite bored with my white tee set up. So I’m trying to spice it up a tad. Thanks for hanging in there with me. New material, content and…



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Yup! In My White Tee!

Yup! In My White Tee!

Dressing up your white tees has never been so dapper! Check out my new post “Yup! In My White Tee” to learn how to shake up white t-shirt drawer today!

Your Boyfriend’s Very Valentine’s Blog

Your Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Blog is this love season’s best gift! Give your man the gift of style from Urbnwood!

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Autumn Slight AW15

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” -Jim Bishop Autumn Slight AW15 In my last post I stated how much I loved Autumn for it’s fashion and lately i’ve been doing a lot of research on new fall fashion and trends! Also I’ve been doing a lot of research on…

School DaZe

School DaZe **Bell Rings!** SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION and i’m proud to announce that I have returned to Winthrop University! It has been over a year since I decided to take a break and regroup. I’m SUPER excited that i’ve been granted the opportunity to be amongst my peers again! I will keep you all updated…

A Blogger’s Week-A-Way

A Blogger’s Week-A-Way Hello Urbnwood Trendsetters & Gentlemen. Welcome back to Urbnwood! I do apologize for being away for a week or so but a lot has been happening in my life that I cannot wait to share with you all! In the mean time I want to give you all a couple photos of…

2014 Forest Hill Drive Tour Attire

2014 Forest Hill Drive Tour Attire “No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” -Jermaine Lamarr Cole Tuesday, I got one of the most exciting text messages I’ve had in a while come across my inbox! The SMS read: “You still wanna go to the J.Cole concert”  and me being the hip-hop fanatic…