A New Start To The A/W ’16

Starting anew in Autumn! My newest post “A New Start To The A/W ’16” is a simple and stylish read! Check it out now!

UrbnOUTLOOK series: Tailor Made Style

Urbnwood Presents:
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Our 1st Feature: Tailor Made Style (TMS)
Check out his impeccable style and inspirations!

Your Boyfriend’s Very Valentine’s Blog

Your Boyfriend’s Valentine’s Blog is this love season’s best gift! Give your man the gift of style from Urbnwood!

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The Classics!

The Classics!

In order to have a strong stylish foundation; you must start off with the classics to make sure that foundation is sturdy.

The Season for Thrifting!

“I shop at thrift shops probably five times a week.” -Macklemore Now, I don’t thrift shop five times a week but I do thrift shop pretty often. I’m always being asked “Where did you get your clothes?” or I’m told that “You must be rich because you have a lot of clothes!” I’m not rich by…

Autumn Slight AW15

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” -Jim Bishop Autumn Slight AW15 In my last post I stated how much I loved Autumn for it’s fashion and lately i’ve been doing a lot of research on new fall fashion and trends! Also I’ve been doing a lot of research on…

School DaZe

School DaZe **Bell Rings!** SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION and i’m proud to announce that I have returned to Winthrop University! It has been over a year since I decided to take a break and regroup. I’m SUPER excited that i’ve been granted the opportunity to be amongst my peers again! I will keep you all updated…