Urbnwood’s 2nd Blogversary !!!

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”
– Taylor Swift

Beyond everything, that is exactly what I want to leave behind! Being good to people and I’m doing just that with my blog Urbnwood! Styling people and giving people advice about their style and looks has been a pleasure but also connect with people in such a positive manner through my blog has been a tremendous blessing for the past two years. Can you say BLOGVERSARY!!!!
It’s Urbnwood’s 2nd Blogversary!! Can you believe it. Shoot… Can I believe it?! It’s been two years already. In these past two years I’ve accomplished so much and I’m grateful for it all. I’ve collaborated and been sponsored by Member’s Only & Jord Watches plus more to come soon. It’s led me to an opportunity to blog for Kontrol Magazine based in Atlanta, G.A. Most importantly, it started my journey in my career in the radio industry! I’m a proud employee of the Radio One family in Charlotte! Like I said before though, beyond everything being good to people is the legacy that I want to leave with Urbnwood!
To celebrate being good to people and good people in general, I got my friends together and we did a slight photoshoot to show off some great style. This photoshoot was brought to you by the incredible, magically photographer C. A. Smalls Design, directions of the gorgeous Cam Kay and the goodfellas of Ole Mason Jar. Thank you all for your support!
Check out the celebration of my 2nd Blogversary of Urbnwood!
the Urbnlook: This look starts off with this amazing shirt from the Ole Mason Jar! It’s lightweight, breathable for the summer and it’s got polka dots. Y’all know how I feel about POLKA DOTS!!!! The pattern is just LIFE for me!
Brown Fedora: Buffalo Exchange, $10
Banana Republic Skinny Fit Jeans: Banana Republic, $56
Cole Haan SilverFox GrandPros: Cole Haan Outlet Store, $56
Aldo Bracelets: Aldo, $20
Gold Watch: Stein Mart, $16
the Urbnlook: Y’all know what this is… it’s a CELEBRATION… I can’t say the rest cause I know my mom is probably reading this. HEY MOM! I’m in a tree again but at least I look good doing it.
DSC_0083DSC_0126DSC_0128 copyDSC_0131DSC_0162
Gold Round Frame Shade: H&M, $6
Ole Mason Jar Tartan Lightweight Sports Coat: Ole Mason Jar, $600
UNIQLO Mandarin Collar White Linen Button Up: UNIQLO, $14.90
 Gold Lion Brooch: Buffalo Exchange, $4
Pocket Square: Saks OFF Fifth, $12
J.Crew Light Pink Chinos: J.Crew, $19
Cole Haan Brown Theodore Wingtips: Cole Haan, $400
Thank you ALL! JUST THANK YOU ALL!!! It’s been an awesome two years and I cannot WAIT for many more! Stay along for this ride because it’s going to be a spectacular one!
Continue to support by checking out my last post
Find more pics and styles on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Snapchat (@thekelleyshow)
As Always, Stay Fly Trendsetters



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  1. olympiadshow says:

    Happy Anniversary! Keep up the good work babe!!!

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  2. Jnelle Belle says:

    I love your pictures!!! Congratulations!!

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  3. Alexis Rogers says:

    Yay! For two years of great vibes and content.

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  4. Michael Taylor says:


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  5. olympiadshow says:

    What’s good E Kelley! This ya man Eddie O (on Olympia’s Post! Hahahahahaha!!!!) Happy Anniversary famo, & keep doin’ ya thing!

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  6. Gwen says:

    Happy BLOGversary!!! Wishing you a prosperous journey!

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  7. LaToya says:

    Happy BLOGversary!!! Wising you the very best!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Camille Key says:

    Happy Blogversary Boo!!! Love you best friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Eboni says:

    Happy blogversary Ehhhhric! You’re amazing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Queen Lo says:

    Happy BLogversary!!!! I always love reading our updates:)

    Liked by 1 person

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