St. Valentine

“So, fall asleep love, loved by me… for I know love, I am loved by thee.”

-Robert Browning

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day! Whether that be with the love of your life or just loving yourself. Make sure that you’re loving! Spread love, share love and be love! Gents! Take care of your man or woman and be good to them. Show them that you adore and cherish everything about them!

I love Nicholas and I love Fashion! So for this post I’m keeping our style simple. Can’t go wrong with a cardigan and Members Only jacket! and with denim jeans, we’ve got ourselves a cute yet stylish couple. Yay us! Check out our Valentine’s Day outfits and our love for one another.

the Urbnlook:  Coordinating with splashes of red in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I mixed and matched styles. I love it when we decide to be stylish together.


Red Members Only Jacket [Eric]: $98,
Navy Blue Cardigan [Nicholas]: $34, Tommy Hilfiger
Dark Denim Skinny Jeans [Eric] : $25, Banana Republic Factory Store
Denim Jeans [Nicholas] : $30, American Eagle Outfitters
Chelsea Boots [Eric] : $50, Banana Republic Factory Store
Red Toms [Nicholas] : $45, Journey’s
the Urbnlook: We just love to be in love! That’s all!
Final Words: Love is Love. Pass It On
Also find more pics and styles on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Snapchat (@thekelleyshow)! Catch up on my last post here!

As always, Stay Fly Trendsetters

Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




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