UrbnOUTLOOK series presents: CHADISRAD

“I hate forced pictures”

-Chad Whittington

WELCOME BACK trendsetters to another great UrbnOUTLOOK series presentation! I’m excited about this imparticular! I had the opportunity of meeting this oh-so-rad individual a few months back at the 7th St. Public Market in Charlotte, N.C. I reached out to him because 1) we lived in the same town and 2) I always thought the way he dressed was of another caliber. So I’m pleased to announce this month’s UrbnOUTLOOK blogger: @CHADISRAD

Chad Whittington was born and raised in Charlotte, N.C. and has very high standards when it comes to food, fashion, and photos! Trust me on the photos part. He does not play about them at all. He’s a men’s fashion blogger who’s style is versatile and one of kind. He can go from nice Topman suits to a decked out pineapple PacSun shirt and rock it either way. It’s one of the aspects of him that I appreciate the most. Beyond that, his personality and charisma match the clothes he wears. Which is so uncommon nowadays. I got the chance to sit down with him over some Iced Vanilla Latte at Notjustcoffee and ask him a few questions. Let’s pick his brain a little, shall we?


Chadisrad 4

Q1: Is Shopping a requirement for blogging? 

YES! Look at from a woman’s point of view! Shopping is important.

Q2: How would you describe your style in one word? 

Curated. I pull different things from different realms of style and I like my clothes tailored really tight.

Chadisrad 2

Q3: Tell us a few things about your past in fashion. 

I was a stylist for J.Crew. I was one of the 1st 75 followers on IG and I like to go to Atlanta once or twice a month to shop. I require a new wardrobe every two to three months.

Q4: What would you like our readers to know about you that they don’t already know? 

I was a tour manager and stopped in 2010. I’m currently a bartender at Baku and a men’s fashion blogger. I have another Instagram account called @capturedbychadisrad. Last, my style in photography is cut-n-dry. I like my pictures clean and crisp.

Chadisrad 3

Q5: What are some brands that you’ve had the opportunity to work with?

Gap, Nike, Macy’s, Footaction, DTLR, Fossil and GQ.

Final Words:

As you can see, Chad is rad for a reason. I call him “Mr. Charlotte” cause he practically knows everyone! He’s already taken Charlotte by storm with is Instagram account but now goals are being aimed higher so who knows what the next big thing for Chad is. Thank you Chad for indulging in conversation with and for all the things you’ve taught this blogger so far.

Follow Chad on Instagram: @chadisrad & @capturedbychadisrad

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Who’s going to be the next UrbnOUTLOOK blogger, who knows, but stay tuned and as always stay fly trendsetters.

Be Great. Be Stylish. Be Urbnwood


Chadisrad 5


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