Happy 4th of July!!!

Liberty is the breath of life to nations.

~George Bernard Shaw

Firecrackers, cookouts, and everyone wearing that common outfit of the American Flag tank top and camo cargo shorts. Eh. NOT ANYMORE!!!! It’s time to break free of the copycat mindsets & outfits and start becoming a little more original this holiday!

There’s nothing wrong with the red, white and blue theme to your outfit. Not at all, but when you look exactly like the picture above and below your Instagram feed… That’s a problem.  Explore your options and skip the war of the clones this Fourth of July!

This year, white jeans are back in full effect, giving you exactly what you need to have a clean and crisp look for the fourth. Whether they be regular denim or distressed, the trend of white jeans is a great alternative to the cameo shorts that everyone else will be wearing. My look in this post started with white denim and the rest of it was quite simple to figure out. I grabbed a navy and white striped henley shirt to stay both cool in the heat and dapper in these streets. I accessorized with my favorite bracelets, round flip up glasses (inspired by Dwayne Wayne of course!) and a red bandana for flair. Last, I decked out the fit with my white Falmouth Sports Oxford Cole Haan trainers. Cole Haan is always good choice fellas.

4th of July was made special with my love boyfriend Nicholas and my best friend and fellow Blogger Camille. Check out her blog thecamkway.com gentlemen! You can always find something great on her blog site 🙂 .

Here’s my look for the 4th!

theUrbnlook: This look is the best way to stay cool and look fly at the same time. Don’t think style and comfort can’t be an option together because it CAN! 



Navy & White Striped Henley Shirt: H&M, $9.99

dENiZEN White Denim Jeans: Target, $15

Cole Haan White Falmouth Sport Ox. Cole Haan, $49

Red Bandana: Urban Outfitters, $6

Round Flip Up Glasses: Airtrafik, $15

Upcoming Events: 

Eric Flyer.png

Come out to Urbnwood’s First event! Urbnwood Presents: Charlie’s Ice-Cream Social!!! It’s all about Fun, Fashion & Food! Socialize with some great folks of Charlotte, NC on July 22nd at 7pm and purchase amazing Ice-Cream, Dinner and great wine at Pike’s Old-Fashioned Soda Shop; located on 1930 Camden Rd! RSVP by texting 843-409-5104!!! I can’t wait to see whatever one will be wearing and meet  you all!

Thanks to Wyatt Minton for the great design of the flyer!


Independence is about being freedom and showing originality  and that’s including your style. I know it’s difficult breaking away from the same ol’ thing but it’s never too late to try something new. Let me know how you trendsetters styled yourselves this 4th of July!

As always follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr , Instagram & Snapchat (@thekelleyshow)

Hope your 4th of July is marvelous with fireworks and great cookouts (save me a plate😉 )! Chat with me and email me: uwoodtrendsetter@gmail.com!!

Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood

🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸





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