Summer: NCFA Style Week, Art & Soul and JUNETEENTH!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

-Henry James

Summertime is the time for adventures, carefree decisions and one pint of Key Lime Pie Talenti gelato at least 3 times a week! This is my time of the year that I don’t worry about too much. I just go with the flow and enjoy the view of whatever’s in front of me! However, this summer I kicked things off a little differently. I decided to jam pack my week with events and happenings all over Charlotte. Excuse the picture overload! I took so many and just didn’t think it would be justice to keep them from you!   😉😉😉

Here are the styles and adventures that I put together for you, trendsetters! Enjoy and let’s dive right into this pool of swimmingly good fashion!

theUrbnlook: My bestfriend Camille  & I attended the 3rd show of NCFA’s Style Week  and had a grand time seeing great fashion lines and designers like Jerrick Gray and Enemy of Fashion! Make sure you follow THECAMKWAY.COM to see Camille’s views and opinions on the night!



The NCFA Style Week was a complete success with bright lights, high-end fashion, and collections that were to die for. My favorite collections of the evening were Enemy of Fashion and Stevie Boi! As you can see the designer, Caleb of Enemy of Fashion has a dope look that is the king amongst the street style wearers in our town. Stevie Boi started off with a bang! The starting model was Brandon/Onia and he delivered a look that was very similar to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. It was brilliant! Also, check out the Mew pin! Adding a little nostalgia to your look never killed anybody.

theUrbnlook:  Art & Soul of South End! One of the most historic parts of Charlotte! The rich history of Charlotte surrounded us with exciting music, delicious food, and fun trolley rides! 



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Art & Soul at South End of Charlotte was great! I brought along my co-worker and new found friend Hillary and my amazing boyfriend Nicholas! Had the pleasure of seeing my friend Kerin Gibson too! A little embarrassed when I saw her though because for the first time in a while, I couldn’t tell her and her twin apart. “Hahaha”. The food and desserts we indulged in were great. My Winnie The Pooh were just as sweet but nothing was more delicious than sharing this time with my love and my friends!


theUrbnlook: Juneteenth and Babyhair Princess’ Birthday bash! The event was put on by Dammit Fannie! 



Dammit Fannie’s Juneteenth Celebrations was a S-M-A-S-H and that’s an understand for sure! There was DJ sets, live music, talented artist, unique styles, dope vendors and amazing jerk chicken dinner plates! Happy 26th to the homie Jessica Thompson. It’s always live with you around! The experience was phenomenal and I cannot wait to attend this next event. Make sure you follow Jimi Thompson and Fannie Mae on Instagram to know when their next event is because you won’t want to miss this creative explosion of a turn-up!


Final Words: 

To say the least, it was an epic weekend with talented folks and unique strokes! I couldn’t have planned my weekend any more perfectly even if I wanted to! Stay tuned with Urbnwood to see what’s going on next in my fashionable world. Let me know what styles and looks you like the best from my grand weekend. Until next time trendsetters.

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Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood








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