A Blogger Who Loves Bloggers: A Eric Story

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”

-Lee Odden

Becoming a blogger has the been one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. It feels a void and a need to create that I’ve always had inside me. It’s our God-given right to create how we please, no matter what outlet that may be. My outlet has been blogging as of lately and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself thus far, but before my blog Urbnwood, I was reading and learning from some of my favorite blogs! I have fallen in love with some fantastic men’s fashion blogs that inspired me to start Urbnwood and I want to take the time to let you know which blogs and sites have inspired me!

The Urbnlook: Here are my top 5 men’s fashion blogs and sites that I look up to. Click the titles of each blog to check out the websites. You won’t regret it! 

That Dapper Chap.  Craig is an always-dapper men’s fashion blogger from the UK! His posts are always insightful and full tips to help anyone create a great look for themselves. He’s also pretty clever and funny when it comes to the photos.Preppy Pose (18.1)

FashionBeansFashion Beans is a team of writers who post daily inspirations, products, and news all dealing with affordable and luxury men’s fashion! The site is so helpful that I created a shortcut for it on my iPhone home screen.


Dapper ProfessionalBen is the man! The one thing that I love about the Dapper Professional blog is that Ben (The creator) gives others a chance to express their style thru his blog. I’m huge on collaboration and that’s one thing he does well. His style is true to the name, dapper and professional. Plus, he’s also a fraternity brother of mine. Good ol’ Alpha Kappa Psi!


BangarangblogThe name of the blog is based on the movie Hook, which I found to be insanely creative! Nathan a.ka. Isnathan is a uber chic men’s fashion blogger that has a great blend of style and fitness elements on his site. He’s from down under and boy is he HOT as well! He seems to be an adventurous person and does a great job of putting you in place with him thru his blog.


PrettyFlySociety. These gentlemen are a squad of elites when it comes to dapper attire. The founder of PFS, Franck has a thing about wearing sneakers with suits. The blog he created has elements of men’s fashion, lifestyle, celebrity news and much more. Also, it’s awesome because I blog for the team! It’s a sweet gig to be doing it on their platform. 🙂


Final Words

As you can see, I’m a blogger who loves blogging! Can’t get enough of it and these blogs have either helped shape or inspire the blog that you’re reading today. Besides Urbnwood I know these blogs will be able to help create a new look or give you the style that you’ve always wanted. Let me know what you think about my favorite blogs and as always, stay fly trendsetters.

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Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




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