Pinning Your Way to Style!

n. Pinterest


v. pin, pinning, pinned

  1. A visual board  2. An inspiration board comprised of collections of favorite inspiration in the form of photos and imagery  3. A place to waste a lot of time.


Pinterest! Oh, Pinterest! How your visual boards captivate me. How your pins make my eyes widen as I place them on my boards. Thank you for always triggering my creative juices and making them bubble over into…. Alright, alright. I’m done confessing my love for Pinterest but in all seriousness this visual aid app is designed to help all of those that are lovers of style and fashion! Urbnwood has some the best tips for you to use Pinterest to your full advantage to gain an insane amount of style! They’re simple but very effective 🙂

Urbnlook: Tip #1 Search for whatever style you identify with the most. Doesn’t matter what style you’re into, search it and Pinterest will pop up with a few pins that relate to the subject. 


UrbnLook: Tip #2 Create boards! Create boards that are super specific to exactly what style you are trying to portray. This will help you focus on what you need and want to add to your wardrobe to maximize style. 



UrbnLook: Tip #3 PIN IT! Go, crazy guys! This is the best part about Pinterest. Adding different looks and styles to your specific board(s) will give you a sort of tunnel vision for the look your going for. Also, it’s just pure fun looking at all the nice pictures and imagine yourself in them. 



UrbnLook: Tip #4 After making your own personal boards; asking to join collaborative boards to chat with other stylish pinners also will help. Things you can’t seem to find will probably be there now. If getting invited to the party of a collaborative board seems difficult then start your own! Ask your followers that repin most of your pins to join and you all can build style together. 



UrbnLook: Tip #5 Follow Urbnwood! I’m on Pinterest all the time! You can join my collaborative boards (I accept new pinners every day). I pin my new post on my boards all the time. I always have great pins of me and other stylish individuals from all around the globe. You can’t go wrong! 




Final Words

Pinterest is a great resource to use to develop a great sense of style. Create boards, pin everything you like and communicate with other inventively stylish individuals while doing so. It’s one of the best fashionable apps because of it’s simple nature and visual aids that come with direct sources. Have fun gentlemen and stay fly trendsetters!

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Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




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