“If you can’t be elegant, at least be extravagant”

-Franco Moschino!

Fashion is more than just putting fabrics and hues together. Fashion is about expression, attitude, a message of your own being that is seen by our peers to gain a reaction. No matter what that reaction may be. Anyone man or woman that lives for style and fashion understands that there are simply no rules to how it’s done. Yet, it’s more so about what’s in your heart and the right side of your brain. No one understood this concept better than the controversial couture craftsman, Franco Moschino!

In the city of Charlotte, N.C. The Viva Moschino! exhibit rest at The Mint Museum Uptown. The reexamination of Moschino’s career was filled with fashion, fantasy and messages that stood against a multitude of things in the era in which the Italian couture fashion house was founded. I got the opportunity to explore the wonders of Moschino’s works and boy was it a dream. The original clothing and messages were captivating and jaw-dropping! From his yellow “Smiley” blazer to his reinvented “Be Simple!” little black dress, the entire exhibit spoke mounds of passion to the masses all through something so simple as clothing. The Moschino couture is expressed through social commentary, surrealism, cartoon couture, homage to Chanel, Italianita (the essence of being Italian) and sartorial splendor. Here’s how my date night with Nicholas (my boyfriend 🙂 ) turned into a good ol’ blog post for me!

the UrbnLook: 

The Survival Jacket 


Head in the Clouds Suit & Bunny Suit 


Car Wash Suit 




Black is White! T-Shirt (My Boyfriend’s favorite piece) 


Less Is More Vest



Moschino spoke against an order of fashion that seem to have a plato of nothing but minimalism and glamour. His design had messages that spoke to those that did not see themselves fitting into an exact group, just like himself. One thing that we can all learn from Moschino is that we should never regret the novelty of yourselves. Yet, we should always be proud and embrace those qualities that make us, us. As always comment below with your thoughts and few on the amazing works of Franco Moschino!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Camille says:

    MOSCHINO does no wrong! Love the Post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ever! Thanks Camille!


  2. Nicholas says:

    I loved the exhibit. I think you hit the nail on the head with this! I’m so proud of you baby!

    Liked by 1 person

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