UrbnOUTLOOK series: Tailor Made Style

“No money in the bank? Focus on your goals. Rough breakup? Focus on your goals. Business isn’t ‘booming’? Focus on your goals.”

-Derwin “DJ” Hargrave

WELCOME TRENDSETTERS! Urbnwood is starting a new blog series: “UrbnOUTLOOK”! UrbnOUTLOOK is a series of blogs about bloggers! You all will get to know some amazing bloggers, stylist, artist and heavy weights on social media! With UrbnOUTLOOK, you’ll be able to get to know more about some of your favorite bloggers and how they truly  get down with their style. Of course, it’s only right to start this new blog series with my fellow NC style blogger DJ a.k.a. “Tailor Made Style

Tailor Made Style is a menswear & personal development blog run by Dj Hargrave, a college student in North Carolina. Each post on TMS is tailor-made to improve the wardrobe and character of every reader. You can follow DJ on Instagram @tailormade.style and on Twitter/Snapchat @tailormadedj ! I had the pleasure of meeting DJ through my blog, Urbnwood and getting to know him and his versatile dapper style. It’s nice to finally meet another men’s fashion blogger for North Carolina.

DJ was more than willing to share a couple of things about himself and his fashion. Here is your UrbnOUTLOOK on Tailor Made Style!



Q1: What inspired you to start your blog “Tailor Made Style?

I was looking for a way to get started and make a name for myself in the industry. Blogging is the most time efficient and simple (but not easy way to do this)! I was looking for an outlet to inspire others not only to improve their wardrobe, but to improve themselves as individuals. This is why I post content that’s related to personal development, but for the most part everything is fashion/style related!


Q2: What would say would be your most “go-to” trend for your style?

Definitely tonal looks. I love going with denim on denim, monochromatic (wearing the same color with different textures and/or similar shades), and tonal looks. There’s nothing that looks better than an all black or all grey look that’s slimming and flattering.


Q3: What’s your favorite part about having your own blog?

The people that I get to meet/connect with. I’m genuinely interested in other people wherever I go, and it’s nice to walk around campus as a college student where most people know who I am because of my blog. It makes it much easier to meet someone new and learn more about their story without it being ‘awkward’ at first. I hope that with the growth of my blog this will expand out into the real world.

To tie along with that, receiving an email from a reader saying how much of an inspiration I am to them inspires me and puts enough fuel in my tank to keep me going (blogging is really hard, and not nearly as glamorous as it seems).

IMG_1239 (1)


Q4: Who is your style Icon and how do they inspire your style?

Justin Livingston from Scout Sixteen. The way he dresses down tailored clothing is remarkable. He never looks like he’s trying and he’s completely comfortable/confident in his own skin.


Q5: What do you hope to see in men’s fashion of 2016?

I hope to see more people playing the layering game. I see so many guys walk around clueless of how to dress during the transitional seasons. This is especially important because of the spring season coming up.

DSC_7234 (1)


Bonus Question: Can you share with Urbnwood any other talents you possess than of course your remarkable talent for putting a great ensemble together?

I really enjoy public speaking and giving motivational talks. I’m on a path of pursuing my dream and impacting millions of people, but I want others to know that they can do the same. Outside of fashion, personal development is the bread and butter of my life. I have a lot to share with the world outside of my knowledge of fashion.

Thank you, DJ, for all your insight on style, fashion and what you truly love to do! Urbnwood can’t wait to see what you create next! UrbnTrendsetters, stay in tune with DJ and follow his blog tailormade-style!

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Happy February Trendsetters!

Be Great, Be Stylish, BE URBNWOOD



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  1. Blvcksmith says:

    This is a really cool interview and I’m loving the new Outlook segment. Keep up the good work bro!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man! I appreciate it! If you ever want to be become apart of the UrbnOUTLOOK segment. Just let me know!


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