Urbnwood X Dirty Stripes: Celebrate Individuality

“To show your Dirty Stripes is to revel in your INDIVIDUALITY”

-Monica Jones, Owner of Dirty Stripes

Individuality is the one thing that should never change within you. It doesn’t matter what trends, styles, designs or fashions are presented, you should also show your individuality throught it all. Urbnwood is proud to feature one of the newest artistic appareal that call for your individuality: Dirty Stripes! Based off in the homefront, Charlotte, N.C. I’m very excited to feature this brand on Urbnwood simply because of what Dirty Stripes represent and that’s to express and revel in the things that make you unique. I’m all about free expression especially thru your style and the way you dress. It’s what makes any man an Urbnwood Gentlemen. No matter what he wears!

The owner, Monica Jones, is a great friend of mine and a brilliantly beautiful individual. Her style has alway been original. It’s one of the things I respect most about her and i’m honored that she came to me with her new Brand and product. She wants to embody the IDGAF attitude and add an artistic vibe to her T-Shirt Brand. If you know your style is fresh, unique and outstandingly artistic then Dirty Stripes is the newest brand to add to your wardrobe this season.

Check out some of the looks from Urbnwood X Dirty Stripes!

the Urbnlook: Tips: With any of your Dirty Stripes Tees, try a varsity style jacket or a harrington jacket to keep warm this AW15 and to add a classic flair. 







Final  Word: 

Show your stripes by striking your individuality in any of your looks this AW15! Make sure that you order your Dirty Stripes Tees today and show off your individuality! “Sip Slow and Live Fast” style are the artistic apparel featured with Eric from Urbnwood. For more info on this remarkable brand, you can contact the owner, Monica:monicaj_08@yahoo.com and get your Dirty Stripes T-Shirt TODAY! Urbnwood and Dirty Stripes want you to celebrate your INDIVIDUALITY!

Also if you like the look, COMMENT! Let us know what you think of any of the styles and fashions in the post.

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Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood!






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  1. stylentonic says:

    love these printed pants, I have the same 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! And aren’t they a great pair!


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