Scarfs, Sweatshirts & Sweaters…. OH MY.

“I need to go to the grocery store because I’ve got nothing in my fridge but an old t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a sweater (after all, it does get cold in the fridge).”

-Jarod Kintz

Scarfs, Sweatshirts & Sweaters…. OH MY 

Earlier this week I had a conversation with my good friend, actually scratch that, my amazing and wonderful friend Nicholas and he wanted me to do a post on scarfs. Instantly, my face turned up like I smelled something bad because honestly, I don’t wear scarfs. Never have and I thought to myself, probably never will. But my amazing and wonderful friend has a very sweet way of persuading me and so I decided to try something new within my stylish character. Oh BOY was I happy with the my results. 🙂

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of sweatshirts and sweaters (check out my post “Fall Wish List and more Fall Fave“) ! Rockin’ them with scarfs and detail pattern button ups are a plus to any look that I choose and you can do the same. I know what you’re thinking.. Scarfs, Sweatshirts & Sweaters…. OH MY! and OH MY is right. Embrace those cosby sweaters, college sweatshirt and patterend scarfs and warm up your wardrobe for this season!

Check out some looks of mine with Scarfs, sweatshirts & Sweaters

the Urbnlook: the scarf was definitely tied by Nicholas. Remember i’m still learning about scarfs wit you 🙂 

IMG_1725 IMG_1737 IMG_1749

New York Yankees New Era Cap: Lids, $27

Winthrop University Sweatshirt: Winthrop Bookstore, $23

Bracelets: H&M, $5

Merona Stripped Scarf: Target, $14.99

Haggar H26 Trademark Red Pants: Gift from my roomie Corey!

Franco Fortini Down Under Brown Leather Boots: Rack Room Shoes, $70

Coca-Cola: 7/11, $1

the Urbnlook: I know Bill Cosby doesn’t have the greatest reputation right now but you can never take away how he single handedly made pattern sweaters iconic! As you can see, studying got boring. Why not have a photoshoot! 

IMG_1018 IMG_1036 Untitled

Greg Norman Sweater: Buffalo Exchange, $8

Bracelets: H&M, $5

GAP Diamond Dotted Button Up: GAP Outlet Store, $12

Docker Mahogany Khakis: Another gift from my roomie Corey

Franco Fortini Down Under Brown Leather Boots: Rack Room Shoes, $70

Final Words:

Keeping warm and staying stylish is the goal this season! Find yourself a nice scarf, a sweatshirt or sweater you love and find a killer pair of boots to tie the knot on your look! Stay tuned for the next post to help you build even more character for your wardrobe this AW15




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