10 Hues You Wanna Wear this AW15 Season!

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”

– Oscar Wilde

10 Hues You Wanna Wear this AW15 Season

In my latest post I talked about a few items that you’ll need for this Autumn/Winter 2015 Season and some items I wish I had in my own closet. Now, in this post we’re going to take it a step further with giving you some badass hues to choose from when it comes to shopping for these items.

This year seems to be wheeling towards hues that are both natural and bold. Designers, stylist and bloggers just like me are expressing how this seasons hues show elements of nature with sophistication, sentential, smooth and bright. Men’s Fashion, especially has become a lot bolder with hues and color schemes and i’m here to show these hot colors so that your wardrobe can be update with all the stylish colors of the season.


1. Herb/Olive Green – This shade of green is considered chic and sophisticated this season. Thought of as strictly military or in a safari look, the hue can be incorporated into many styles and looks. For example, if you’re thinking about wearing those plain denim jeans with you T-Shirt; shake things up a bit and try a pair of olive green slacks and maybe some derby boots to finish the look. This way you can transform something ordinary into a sophisticated yet simple look just by thinking of adding this hue to wardrobe.

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Herb/Olive Green hue pairs very well most blues especially royal blue & marsala/red wine color. 



2. Oak Buff/Golden Yellow – Mellow, comforting and warming shade. Brings cheer and a glimmer of hope to the AW15 fashion. Spice things up this season and add a Oak Buff sweater or sweatshirt to your wardrobe.

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Oak Buff hue pairs well with cadmium orange and chocolate! The mellow effect of the oak buff with the brilliance of the cadmium or the smoothness of chocolate make for a dangerous outfit combination. 

oak-buff-jacket_d4bef1df-26a9-4836-a1ba-a22790f8b810 tumblr_nu283oNyhA1ryni29o1_500

3. Marsala/Wine – This hue expresses finesse and savior faire which every gentlemen should have in his wardrobe this season. Personally, this is one of my favorite colors of the season and I have a couple blazers in this color sitting pretty in my closet right now. (as you can see the blazer below and in the featured image). The color is rich and robust that incorporates warmth and sophistication into any look. Also Marsala is Pantone’s color for 2015, so you have to dig it!

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Marsala hue pairs well with oynx, chocolate, oak buff and creme



4. Biscay Bay – This is a very lush and elegant teal! It has a touch of cool and a thread of confidence that could spark a smile with just a glance. Now imagine yourself in amazing Biscay Bay suit, you walk into a bar, you grab and drink and the lady next you winks at you. It’s not because of your brown eyes, it’s because of the amazing autumn color you’re wearing this season!

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Biscay Bay hue pairs well creme & chocolate. 


5. Cadmium Orange – This hue brings back the 60’s and 70’s to wardrobes, which vintage is always welcomed on this blog! A nice v-neck or chino’s in this color will give a fun and playful look to your #OOTDs. This hue will evoke optimism, fantasy and welcomeness. The subtly dramatic orange dream sickle shade will stand out and strike out amongst even the most amazing stylish peers of yours.

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Cadmium Orange hue pairs well with creme, navy blue and chocolate. This color is very bold. Use with caution! 

belstaff-red-bramley-jacket-product-1-18074468-1-364845830-normal_large_flex e35f52fcbdff18b8115f898b514a570a

6. Orchid – The Orchid hue is definitely getting more attention this AW15 season. It’s vibrant, bold, creative and intriguing. Not very common in most gentlemen’s closets but can used very well to accent or offset other colors in your outfits. It’s an extraordinary hue that needs a try to excite your wardrobe this season.

the Urbnlook: Tip: The Orchid hue pairs well with chocolate, creme, herb and onyx 

radiant-orchid-sweater-for-men 8a2431a7e76893bc59c3ac65cdfa24fd

7. Desert Sage – Cool and soothing greenish gray that works well with most shades of hues. It’s stylishly powerful and timeless. The natural essence it brings to any look is more than appreciated in any autumn winter lover. Also it’s amazing color to layer with as well.

the Urbnlook: 


8. Chocolate – The Chocolate hue is always classic and tasteful just as chocolate should be. The hue adds an element of smooth to any look and can honestly be worn with any color since the hue is both natural and neutral. Chocolate also has an element of sophistication that has be undeniable for centuries! So gentlemen, you all should indulge in this hue’s sweetness.

the Urbnlook: The Chocolate hue works with everything. EVERYTHING! 

1403b525700b2cebe953f38b1a497022 brown-suit-blue-shirt

9. Onyx – The Onyx hue is a strong and powerful color to wear this season. If you are a suit lover then is the color for you. Having this hue in your wardrobe is power move than you will never regret!

the Urbnlook: The Onyx hue pairs well with Marsala, Biscay Bay, Orchid and Cadmium Orange 

2790731_fpx justin timberlake

10. Creme – The creme hue is, in my opinion, is like water; It can be added to anything to make it better, dilute it and or cleanse it. With the season of sweaters, sweatshirts and layering them with button ups, blazers, peacoats and bowties the creme color is essential to any perfect autumn outfit. Trust me, you’re going to want to have this hue in your closet for AW15!

the Urbnlook: Tip: The creme hue pairs well with chocolate, orchid & marsala. Also be gentle with this hue. Either make it prominent or accessorize it. Never both. 


Final Words: These 10 colors of the AW15 season are amazing! These colors and post were inspired by Pantone, the global authority on color for designers, stylist and even fashion bloggers like myself. I’ve always been amazed, consumed and been in awe of what colors are capable. They bring joy, they access memories, they spark imagination and they brighten dreams. That’s what they’ve done for me with building Urbnwood! I hope this post helps inspire new thoughts for your wardrobe and #OOTDs for the rest of the autumn season.

Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




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  1. stylentonic says:

    greenish gray and olive green… I think I’m in this mood

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good mood to be in and I’m sure the colors would look great on you.


  2. Christine says:

    Hey, I love your website. I definitely feel the fashion vibe. These combinations are vibrant and compliment each other very well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Christine!!! I do appreciate that!


  3. attireclub says:

    Love the pink jacket / purple vest combo!



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