Fall Wish List and more Fall Faves for AW15

Fall Wish List and more Fall Faves! 

The air is getting cooler and an autumn fragrance is swirling in the atmosphere which means Fall is FINALLY HERE! Pumpkin will be added to most coffee drinks and dishes, leaves will change pigments, and heat will be on in your car instead of the A/C.  Which brings along the best part of the fall; The Fashion!

The fall season for men allows a lot more room to create looks and wardrobes compared to the summer season (in my opinion). I can’t wait to share with you what you’ll be needing AW season to become an Urbnwood Trendsetter! I’m going to give you all my Fall Wish List and Fall Faves in hopes that you enjoy these items and tips! 🙂


Fall Wish List:

Beanies – The Beanie is essential for fall fashion wether it be for those guys that have a street chic style or those that don’t mind a nice tailored suit. Beanies are a fine topping for any look and can blend with any style. Just make sure your beanie matches or coordinates with your outfit. Other than that, go crazy and have fun. Personally, I’m a huge fan of beanies with the pom pom, so don’t be afraid to venture side-ways with your choice of beanies.

the Urbnlook:

Beanie (2)

Sweaters/Sweatshirts – Sweaters are very promising this time of year; only do they keep you warm, but they are fashionable. Wether you’re into simple monochrome sweaters or elaborate Dr. Huxtable’s wool selects, having fun with this item is all you need to make it into a stylish piece. Also the same with sweatshirts. Knit sweatshirts are in for Fall and you can grab your old college or high school alumni sweatshirt and take a trip down memory lane with style on the brain. Add your button ups, ties or bowties, denim jeans and some wingtip boots and VOLIA, you have yourself a dope fall look with your sweater or sweatshirt.

the Urbnlook: Tip! I don’t see nothing WRRROOONNNGGGG with elbow patches! *R.Kelly singing voice*. Also that old flannel shirt you have in closet. Go ahead and take it out and shape it up with your Sweater or Sweatshirt. 


Jacket/Coat – With the fall season, jackets are a must and this season there seems to be a trend of four types of jackets and coats that are underway. The first one being the classic Harrington Jacket. This light-weight waist measured jacket is sure to make a great come back with it’s vintage look. Its easy to dress up or dress down for any occasion this fall.

Next is the infamous trucker jean jacket! The trucker jean jacket so very popular in the 80’s and has made a huge comeback in the past five years. My fashion icon, Pharrell Williams, wears trucker jean jackets with pins to give an street style look and you can catch others wearing ties, sweaters and oxford boots with them to make a great look from other stylish fall items.

Third is the classic Peacoat! Ever classic dressed gentlemen either has, wants or needs one this season. The peacoat is one of the few fall items that never seem to go out of style.

Last would be a trend that is working it’s way back into the circuit: The Shearling Jacket. If you truly want to look great this AW15, grab yourself a Shearling Jacket of any style and create magic. My personal favorite are varsity style jackets with shearling! It gives me the Urbnlook i’m always trying to accomplish.

the Urbnlook: 

The Harrington Jacket 


The Trucker Jean Jacket 


The Peacoat 


The Shearling Jacket 

shearling jacket

Shoes/Boots- The great thing about this season is that guys don’t have to be afraid to admit we love shoes just as much females! This season’s objects of affection are Wingtip Boots, Timberland Boots, Chelsea Boots and Oxford Dress Shoes. There is plenty to learn about shoes and their styles but i’ll save that bit of information for you all on another post! For now, i’ll just discuss which shoes you should have in your closet this AW15!

the Urbnlook: Tip – This AW15 the burnished look are great for boots and shoes! Burnished: Broken-Into Look 🙂 

Wingtip Boots 


Timberland Boots

Timberland boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Oxford Dress Shoes


Final Word:

This AW15 seems to have 3 elements: Fun, Fresh and Vintage! So it doesn’t matter which route you decide to take or even if you decide to blend the elements together; just have the confidence to wear these items! I hope this Fall Wish List helps you navigate what you’ll be purchasing the fall season & always I wish you gentlemen the best of luck on your style!

Also, please leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below! I always want to know what you’re thinking and how you’re becoming an Urbnwood Trendsetter!!!

Until next time!

Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




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