How to Develop Personal Style (Part II)

How to Develop Personal Style (Part II)

Alrighty, so the last time you read my blog we were discussing how to develop personal style. Let’s review from what we talked about last time.

First, you have to envision how you want to look. Take the time out to imagine how you would look with your own personal style.

Second, use visual aids to help guide you to what you want and to what you need when it comes to achieving fashionable goals.

Third, doing  your research will be the biggest help because you can find out what you want and the specifics that come with it as well.

Now that we have reviewed some about my last post, we’re going to continue to talk about how I can further assist you in your journey of developing a personal style. But before we continue, I just want to say this post is made to be taken seriously but it’s also made for you to have fun, explore your mind and bring out the creative side of your fashion abilities. Let us continue on shall we?!

4 Purchase and Invest 

Once you’ve done some thorough research on what look you want to obtain, you can now start to purchasing clothes for said look! YAY! You’re basically there but you don’t want to just purchase any old thing; you want to make sure what you’re purchasing is right for the style you want. You want to purchase pieces of clothing and accessories that are a good investment into your wardrobe. Just make sure that whatever you buy reflects the look and also you personally.


Gentlemen! I know this is hard but please try on your clothes before you take them home. You want to make sure the fit of the clothing you are purchasing goes well with the look you are trying to achieve. I admit, this habit was hard to develop for me as well but it’s SOOOOO NECESSARY. It will save you on time (most importantly) and your personal style!


Literally repeat the process and try to find yourself in a mindset were you are always doing these things. You’ll become a guru in your own personal style in no time!

Here are some outfits of my personal style 




Final Words:

I do hope this post helps you to develop a personal style that you can be proud of! And I must repeat this one more time to my Urbnwood readers: HAVE FUN! Personal style is all about bending the rules of fashion so that you may stand out with your own spotlight!

Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood




5 Comments Add yours

  1. jabcaq says:

    I see few great ideas for me, I think to find more inspiration for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! I’m glad you found some ideas to benefit you! Please let me know which ideas helped 🙂


  2. Octavia Carpenter says:

    Great follow up. Both post supplied me with great tips for when I’m shopping with my son. Even though he is only three he has big personality and never likes my picks. At least now i have a clue how to why.


  3. Great post! You make some really great points in this post! I may actually have to assert some of them into my own style

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I do appreciate that! Snap some pictures and send them my way. Let me know how it works out for you.


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