4 Brands of Underwear you should know!


4 Brands of Underwear you should know! 

Whoever said men don’t care about what type of underwear they wear were dead wrong! Nowadays men are looking stylish with clothes and under those clothes! If you can look stylish with a nice pair of underwear then you’ll be ready for anything else you want to wear in fashion and style!

Now, i’m not saying that you have to match your underwear with what you are wearing because honestly that would a tad much. What i’m saying is that it’s perfectly fine to want to look great in your underwear as much as you do in a suit. This is why I bring to you 4 brands of underwear that might catch your stylish eye.

1) An Original Penguin. 

Personally, An Original Penguin is one of my favorite brands, period! I’m a little bias simply because my favorite animal is the penguin, but for fashion the brand is simple yet cool with new fashions. They always have fresh new styles and prints even in their line of underwear. Their underwear line consist of bold solids of turquoise, red, orange, etc., vibrant plaids and pretty dope prints that stand out amongst other underwear. If you’re into very creative underwear then An Original Penguin is a brand you’ll love instantly. An Original Penguin is more on the expensive side as far as underwear goes but it’s worth every penny with the feeling they come with.

the Urbnlook: Most styles and prints come in boxer briefs and boxers, depending on what you’re into. 


2) Gildan 

If you’re into comfort, looking great and saving some money then Gildan is the best brand of underwear for you! This is a fairly new brand to me but i’ve been hooked every since I purchased my 1st 5-Pack. Like most underwear brands they definitely have their solid colors but they also have pastel colors that are dashing and different patterns that are debonair as well. Also they are very affordable. You can purchase a 5-Pack for only $9.95! You can’t beat that in this day-in-age!

the Urbnlook: each pair comes with a white band with the brand name on as well. You would think this would look a little dorky but it definitely has a grown man vibe to it. 


3) Buffalo David Bitton

Bold is the perfect description for Buffalo David Bitton trunks! They are 100% stylish and to all my bargain shoppers out there, you can find them for some amazing prices. I own a couple of trunks by Buffalo David Bitton and they’re aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable for them to be trunks. With brilliantly bold arrangements of solids and patterns, you’ll have no trouble purchasing this stylish brand of underwear.

the Urbnlook: Buffalo David Bitton has a wilder range of styles that will definitely add color to your mundane underwear drawer. 


4) Calvin Klein 

The forever classic Calvin Klein underwear are a no brainer for any stylish man. Calvin Klein are mostly known for their iconic underwear quality and ads! I mean, who could forget Mark Wahlberg’s ad for Calvin Klein in the 90’s. For any man looking to keep a classic look when it comes to underwear, this is the brand for you. Calvin is the king of underwear. It would do any man justice to own a pair. To their classic white boxer briefs to their new high fashion colors, you could never go wrong with adding them to your wardrobe of underwear.

the Urbnlook: Classic. Iconic. Sexy. What’s not to love! 


The Final Word:

Men should always look great; that includes even when you’re in your bare minimums! I hope these brands bring life to your underwear drawer because they certainly do mine!

Be Stylish, Be Great, Be Urbnwood!

– E.K. II



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