Aspects of how to dress like a T.V. Gentlemen

Lately I’ve been watching a LOT of television, but my T.V. gazing has been attracted to any television and movie character that has an act for dressing the 9’s. Maybe you’re into some of the same shows and movies i’m into like White Collar, The Blacklist, The Great Gatsby, & Kingsman:  The Secret Service! I love these movies and shows mostly for the plots, intense acting and some of my favorite actors in them, but I also love them because of the fashion!!!

Each main character in these shows and movies are highly stylish with suave suits, dapper ties, fancy hats and debonaire personalities to match! Who wouldn’t want to dress like these guys on T.V. on a daily basis? I know I would! That’s why I draw inspiration from these suave gentlemen to capture my own style. There are current aspects from each character that sum up in my inspirations and these aspects of style can help you dress better as a gentlemen too! Lets take an Urbnlook at these T.V. gentlemen and what aspects they have that can inspire you.

Neil Caffrey (White Collar) / Fit 

When it comes to forger and art theft, Neil Caffrey (Matt Bomer)  is one that cannot be stopped. On the hit USA Network T.V. show “White Collar”, not only is he exceptional at stealing priceless artifacts, he’s also exceptional at knowing the right fit for any suit he wears! Having the right fit for your suit is the most important thing about wearing one. You don’t want your suit to be baggy and you don’t want your suit to be tight. You want your suit to fit your body type. When you’re suit is fitted, it’s flattering and aesthetically pleasing to others. Once you get the basics down as far as your measurements, getting your suit custom to fit you is a breeze.

Tips: Go to any department store that sells suits and get your measurements. Also know your neck size for your dress shirts and neck ties. 

The UrbnLook

Matt Bomer  as Neil Caffrey
Matt Bomer
as Neil Caffrey

Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist) / Patterns & Accessories 

Raymond Reddington a.k.a Red, another villain on our list of suave gentlemen! He’s a major criminal that hasn’t been caught in 20 years but even tho he’s been underground for a while, his style has been above the skies! Red’s style in the NBC series The Blacklist is very bold especially for a criminal. His bold approach to patterns, vest and fancy fedoras. He mixes patterns very well in the show and also his accessories are quite dapper. You can catch him in awesome shades that give his proper outfit a cool element and his vest and cain are extra pieces that add a classic look to his outfits as well.

Tips: Accessories can always help an outfit by adding different elements to the look. Accessories can be considered as hats, shades, bracelets, etc. Also feel free to find nice combinations of patterns to make your look stand out. Just make sure that your patterns are too bold for each other. 

The Urbnlook

James Spader  as Raymond
James Spader
as Raymond “Red”

Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) / Color 

Jay Gatsby, the hopeless romantic of our group has a huge heart for his true love, the same way I have a huge heart for his fashion! Jay Gatsby’s fashion is all about Color! Even though my other two inspirations do have bold approaches to style, they don’t express color in their wardrobe quite like Mr. Gatsby. From costume designs by Catherine Martin, The Brooks Brothers “The Great Gatsby Collection” was both classic and exquisite! Jay Gatsby’s magnificent pink suit was flawless and definitely inspired me to wear more pink, as i’m sure it did for a lot of other stylish gentlemen.

Check out “The Great Gatsby Collection” from the Brooks Brothers here: GQ Brooks Brothers’ Great Gatsby Exclusive

Tips: Whatever you’re thinking, think color! The lighter the colors, the better! Find what colors look best on you (which all of them but we’ll talk about that later). Then find what colors compliment those colors you’ve chosen and add them to the look you are going for. Voila! You’re becoming more stylish already!

The Urbnlook: 

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby
Leonardo DiCaprio
as Jay Gatsby

Harry Hart (Kingsman: The Secret Service) / The Attitude 

In the world of criminals on our list, we do have a forefront hero in our mist and he holds the aspect that every stylish gentlemen needs! Harry Hart holds the key to bring all aspects together: The Attitude. In the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service Harry teaches young Eggsy how to become stylish by teaching him everything he knows about fashion and style but most importantly he teaches him the attitude of a true gentlemen (and how to be a great British Spy of course). Your attitude is the super glue that brings your look and style together, always. The way you carry yourself and the confidence you radiate when you wear your stylish clothes is the thing that makes all the difference in the world! Harry’s style is only half the reason why he is inspirational to me! He holds himself to a very high standard when it comes to fashion and the lifestyle he chose as all gentlemen should.

The Urbnlook

Colin Firth  as Harry Hart
Colin Firth
as Harry Hart


Dressing like a T.V. gentlemen isn’t as simple and glamorous as it may seem. It does take time, skill and effort. So #Urbngentlemen, take your time in knowing to fits of your suits, don’t bore yourself with basic, and be bold with your patterns, accessories & colors but most important have the confidence to wear whatever you like! Have fun dressing like that exceptional T.V. gentlemen!

Let’s be great, Let’s be creative, Let’s be URBNWOOD !!




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