5 Essential Items for a Stylish Summer

With the summer getting hotter and hotter, we understand that you want to make sure that your fashion stays cool. And let’s face it, a lot men get a tad bit lazy with their style in the summer due to the heat and many items of clothing we have to wear. That STOPS here!  I understand it can be difficult to dress to impress in the summer but I’m here to make that easier for all Urbnwood Gentlemen. Take a look at these 5 essential items that can help your wardrobe and stay cool this summer

POLO SHIRTS  – polo style shirts have made a tremendous mark on SS15 fashion. For any occasion that you might (picnic, date night, work, etc.) the polo stye shirt is definitely recommended to keep you both cool and stylish this summer. Don’t be afraid to search for those loud patterns for your polos either. It’s the summer and BOLD & BRIGHT colors are most acceptable and honestly needed to for your style.  Also in order to keep you cool with this item, try to purchase breathable materials such as cotton and dri-fit fabrics.

The  UrbnLook: Brands you would love: Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Gap, An Original Penguin, Memora

Polo Style shirtsSean-Combs-Diddy-Combs-Polo-Ralph-Lauren-Shirt-pink-1

FLAT FRONT SHORTS – The summer wouldn’t be cool without shorts!!! And what better way to be stylish than add some flat front shorts to your wardrobe. Flat front shorts are casual shorts that practically go with anything you can think of.  Unlike cargo shorts, flat front shorts only have a 4 pockets and usually made shorter than other types of shorts. In SS15 season, flat front shorts seem to be bolder and brighter, just like everything else. Pink seems to  a very hot color this summer and dabble in the different variations of the color and have some fun. Also some tips on how to wear your flat fronts: ROLL ‘EM! Give your shorts a one roll cuff and add a little prep to your outfit. Look for Patterns! Gingham, Plaid, Floral, Geometric, etc. Don’t hesitate to be creative when purchasing this piece and crafting your outfit this summer

The UrbnLook: Brands you would love – Polo Ralph Lauren, Seven7, Izod & Tommy Hilfiger


WHITE SNEAKERS – This is a no-brainer for the SS15 season! White sneakers are EVERYTHING and go well with EVERYTHING! Go ahead and get yourself some white trainer sneakers! This essential item can only be beneficial to your summer wardrobe. It’ll add the type of flair that only a pair of nice, new and clean white sneakers can!

The UrbnLook: Brands you would love – Classic White All-Star Chuck Taylor, Classic Superstar Addidas

SHADES – Grab yourself some sunnies and just be cool individual you are! Before you do that tho, lets get a little more in depth with what will work best for you. Try to find the best type of frames to fit your face. You want to make sure whatever type of frames you choose are a great fit for your face so that you don’t look like a bug. (which no one wants). Here are some trendy frames for SS15: Aviators, Club Master, Round and Classic! And personally with shades, I don’t believe in brands, even tho there are superior brands that you can choose from, you can still pick whatever shades you want. Whether that be from a Ray-Bans store or your local One-Stop Gas Station.

The Urbnlook: 

HATS – SS15 fashion has a small place for baseball caps, boater hats, fedoras and porkpie styles. Mastering the art of wearing a hat can maximize your outfit to it’s fullest potential. With all the essential items we have spoken of already, a nice hat can be the cherry on top that you need for your outfit! Porkpie seems to be one the hot summer style and absolutely my favorite style of hat! But no matter what style of hat you choose, as long as it works for you and your style, ROCK IT!

The Urbnlook: 

How-to-Wear-a-Fedora-Hatpork-pie-hats-porkpie-hats-5URBN THOUGHT: SS15 is all about staying cool and feeling even cooler with your look. To recap, these 5 essential items: Polo Shirt, Flat Front Shorts, Shades, Fedora and white sneakers will develop a more stylish summer for you! For more styling tips email me: uwoodtrendsetter@gmail.com ! Also leave a comment, I always want to know what’s on your mind and to see  if you have ideas of your own. Sharing is caring!

Let’s be great, Let’s be stylish, Let’s be URBNWOOD.

– E.K.II


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